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Energy Efficient & Green Benefits of a MasterMark Construction

No matter the size, all MasterMark Enterprises are designed for energy-efficiency, sustainability and easy living. We considered every detail.

The international standard for energy efficient consumer products, Energy Star® products use 20%–30% less energy on average than required by the federal standard, reducing greenhouse gases and lowering utility bills.

Foam insulation technology saves energy, adds strength, reduces the penetration of moisture while lowering outdoor allergens and pollutants. It’s made from 30% recycled materials and excludes harmful fiberglass.

Better than natural wood, our exteriors come with 50-year hardi-board warranty and 20-year warranty on paint.

MasterMark considers every aspect when installing American-made solar panels such as using the best technology, to correct roof pitch, as well as, positioning of the home for best solar capture.

Wood floors are included in both the living and dining room to reduce carpet usage. We use carpet made from 60% recyclable materials. Throughout the kitchen, we install sectional Old-World granite countertops that make it more affordable without the loss of quality or performance.

The newest technology, our condensing 95% efficient, tankless hot water heater, allows for a continuous supply of hot water that’s both energy efficient and a space saver product.

Traditional toilets use about five gallons of water per flush, making it one of the major uses of water in a household. Our dual flush toilets provide the highest form of water conservation that not only benefits the environment but also reduces utility bills.

Deflects harsh sunlight and reduces energy usages.

Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs) are four times more efficient and last up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, using 50-80% less energy.

These are both energy efficient plus saves on wood.

High efficient, variable speed furnace which converts 95% of the BTUs into energy in your home, which is on average approximately 20% more efficient than the standard furnace.These are both energy efficient plus saves on wood.

Our next generation of near zero homes will feature ductless air conditioning and heating systems by employing the newest technologies which receives a 23 SEER (Southeast Energy Rating System) efficiency rating. In addition, it employs the latest heat pump technology.

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Backed by Third Credible Parties

MasterMark guarantees that our owners have the best energy-efficient home and backs it by maintaining the top industry certifications. Every qualified builder should be verified.

5-Star Energy Program monitored by HARC – HERS Level 17 Certified
U.S. Department of Energy’s Builders Challenge – Verified
USGBC LEED – Gold Certified
GHBA Gulf Coast Green Build – Gold Certified